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A small production and a French creation

Nathalie Dupuis, fashion designer, was at the origin of this great adventure...

Everything started with a career as a fashion designer in the heart of the Sentier in Paris when this area embodied the very essence of French creation. Then, during her journeys to the European and world fashion capitals (Milan, London, New York...) discovering new trends and techniques of each country, Nathalie began to imagine owning her own fashion brand where she could promote totally French expertise.

The brand IndeciZe was born. IndeciZe is like today’s women : different facets, changing, inventive and active.

From the creation to the prototype through the study of materials and production, our trademark is to innovate and accompany our clients in a new, original strategy of communication through our clothes.

Our values: Passion, Innovation, Sharing, Creativity, Rigor, Accessibility.

 The concept: One outfit for several events :

IndeciZe is based on an innovative concept :

Variable clothes which reinvent themselves with panels which you can zip on and zip off.

The panels are customized (logo, photos, serigraphy, embroidery) with the visuals of your company’s communication and after they can be transformed with sequins, strass or lace for an evening event.

We are attentive to our clients’ needs and we can design our collection according to your requests.

Be different with an original idea !

A 100% French creation and production

Our workshops are nearby, in the Parisian region, which means we can be reactive for all your requests.

We take the greatest care in our production to honor our commitments and respect brand quality: first choice of materials, handmade patterns, carefully cut, sober and elegant for an haute couture but not as expensive thanks to a clever concept which can be re-actualized.

All our models are individually controlled in our workshop. The brand IndeciZe is a 100% ethical and sustainable French production.

Quality is an obsession for IndeciZe so we can grow with you...

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100 % french
100 % french

Totally French 
expertise and making

100 % val d‘oise
100 % val d‘oise

A unique concept  
promoted by the Val d'Oise

100 % personalizable
100 % personalizable

For your outfits, many possibilities  
for your events

100 % available
100 % available

Your stylist, a good listener 
for your personalized projects

100 % close to you
100 % close to you

Delivery between 5 to 6 weeks 
after confirmation of artwork and sample

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